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Hello, my name is...

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Kasey Cormier

Creative Specialist

Fun Fact: I love DIY Projects!

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Allison Bell

Education Director

Fun Fact: I am a card carrying Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D..  Also, I LOVE to read...Harry Potter is my all time fave!

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Jordan Marshall

Human Resource Manager

Fun Fact: I am a huge Harry Potter and baseball fan. I am also an amatuer portrait photographer.

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Jacob Breaker

Social Media Content Creator

Fun Fact: Everything about me is fun!

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Skylar Rollins

Creative Specialist

Fun Fact: I love to watch musicals and I play the violin.

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Kavis Bell

Finance Director

Fun Fact: I am a Mickey Mouse enthusiast.

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Jared Rollins

Outreach Specialist

Fun Fact: Fan of OutKast, I love my family, and I am a Hip Hop Enthusiast.

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Aviance Norris

Web Manager

Fun Fact: I bake from scratch using homemade flour.

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